Pre-Press Checklist:

  1. Run a spellcheck
  2. Double check page size, finish size, all folds or die cuts match print specs.
  3. Check the number of colors coincides with the color palette in the document and there are no extraneous colors or that the registration color was not used as black anywhere.
  4. Check the width of strokes are not too thin.
  5. Check total ink coverage (TAC) does not exceed printer capabilities. Ink will plug up if TAC is exceeded.
  6. Make sure font sizes aren’t too small to print correctly.
  7. All printer and screen fonts required for the job are included
    A) Type 1 Fonts — Include the both the screen and printer fonts. In the case of Windows these are the font files ending in PFM and PFB.
    B) Open Type & True Type: Screen and printer information is contained within the font files.
  8. All fonts used within graphics have been included and no links are broken.
  9. All EPS and/or TIFF files even if they are embedded in file. This enables the printer to do any editing if necessary.
  10. All original files for nested graphics. (a graphic within a graphic)
  11. All original application art files are included with the press package (job collection).
  12. Rename collected package file with addendum PRESS to denote final file that was sent to press, i.e. RU-1718-0135 trifold V6  is original name, rename: RU-1718-0135 trifold V6 PRESS 
  13. Final laser prints of all documents. (This allows a comparison of final proofs against the original for reflow and such).
  14. Name and Contact person as well as name and description of job.
  15. Upload FTP information, username and password as well as FTP address.