How internet marketing works


  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Display
  • Social Media

contact brings you potential customers using internet marketing channels.



  • Content
  • Performance
  • Curation
  • Site Quality

Retention keeps potential customers around and gives you a chance to turn them into a community


  • Email
  • twitter
  • linkedin
  • facebook
  • ect.

Now you have a chance to convert members of that community into customers



Then start over again with a bigger community


1. Positions message effectively

Are you clear on what clients are really looking for? Do you know what to say at the right time? Do you find yourself over-complicating discussions with clients or do you speak in a language they can understand? Do clients tell you how much your messaging (on your site, on email, in proposals) resonated with them?

Give yourself a grade from 1-10 for the way that you position yourself online. Do you put yourself out there as unique, delivering a solution to the client’s problem or are you ‘just another’ freelancer? 6

2. Provides Value

Are you known in your field, or do you find the limit of your ‘fame’ is your own website? Are you active in your community with peers, do you seek to provide value on social media, Q&A forums, communities?

On your site, do you have a blog, or downloadable content a potential client could find? How much value do you provide to prospective clients and peers before they pay you?

3. Focuses on what’s important

As one-two person businesses we are spinning lots of plates, just to survive the month or week. Do you suffer from the ‘squeaky wheel’ syndrome or are you crystal clear on what’s important, stopping immediately everything that doesn’t contribute to your goals.

Do you tend to procrastinate or do you have a clear breakdown of exactly what you’ll do today, tomorrow, this week and stick to it vigorously? 3

4. Prices Optimally

A price is not just a price. It’s a reflection of the value your service provides. Do you find yourself sticking to a similar ballpark each time because that’s what worked last time? Or do you price the absolute maximum for each client situation? Are you great at negotiating or do you cave in when a client shows any sign of wanting it for less cost.

Are you comfortable with the price you charge, or do you feel it could be improved?

5. Closes the sale

When clients go cold, or silent, do you know what to do? Are you a master at building desire in clients so that they’re begging you for a proposal or do you send it too early, only for them to judge you on price alone. Do you find clients take months to agree to work with you (and pay) or do you generally get the clients to commit, pay and start quickly?

6. Grows long-term partnerships

How many clients have you had stick around for longer than a year, two years, more? Do you find that you continually have to go and find new clients after projects are complete, or could you survive on ongoing work alone?

Do you manage projects well with the long-term partnership in mind or are you glad to see the back of clients once they’re complete? How much long-term client focus do you have?